Elm Tea Fest

We will have two seatings for Afternoon Tea

CLICK THIS LINK TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS https://app.hellofund.com/view/2ywnJqwg

BRAZOS EVENTS CENTER, 520 Elm Avenue, Waco

This year our event will include our ticketed afternoon tea, including traditional delicious treats.

We hope you will wear your special hat!

Hats Galore by Marilyn’s Gift Gallery will be on show during our preview event “Splash on The Color” and throughout 

Saturday, 29 May, hats/masks may be purchased if you cannot resist that special one !! 

Please wear a mask in accordance with covid regulations


KAY BELL   CADAE TEA will be on hand 

Cadae Tea takes pride and honor in growing each of its herbs, fruits, and vegetables organically.  Cadae Tea’s leaves are organically grown from a personal garden.  The tea leaves are sun-dried and blended for the customer’s health and for the best taste. Customer health is our priority and we strive, each day, to come up with diverse means to heal people naturally.

Cadae Tea has been extended into several farmer’s markets, a local health store (Drug Emporium), and “Farm to School”.

Our goals are to test each of our teas with care, blend them with joy, and package them with love.

‘THE FACE BEHIND ELM TEA FEST”   Laura Grace Pustmueller
In 2001, Kay Bell was diagnosed with cancer. Rather than wanting to subject herself to harmful medication, she turned to teas and herbs. During chemotherapy, she began researching peppermint and discovered the incredible health benefits. What started as a fun project soon grew into a hobby and her passion.

“Now, no one in my family takes any medication; Only tea and herbs,” said Bell.

Bell began growing peppermint and soon had a surplus. She decided to package it and sell it, which led to the creation of her business. Bell started “Cadae Tea” in 2010 in Waco, Texas with just one farming lot and a table at the local farmer’s market.  Now, she has several lots where she farms her tea and has extended her business to several farmer’s markets, a local health store, and most recently a tea festival.