Elm Tea Fest


April 7, 2018

New this year, Art on Elm is pleased to introduce Elm Tea Fest. This brand new event will include tea vendors, tea tastings, guest speakers, and more. This one-of-a-kind festival will also offer the opportunity to attend a ticketed afternoon tea, including traditional delicious treats.

What is a tea festival? Well, in short, it is a day all about tea. Learning about tea, tea preparation, tea culture and history and of course, tons of tea tastings!

The main event, so to speak, is our tea market. All gathered together in one big auditorium will be lots of tea merchants. There will be local Waco area merchants as well as vendors from across Texas and across the country who will have tea samples for tasting. If you’re interested in becoming a tea vendor at Elm Tea Fest, click here.

Elm Tea Fest isn’t just about buying and trying tea. This is also about expanding your knowledge of tea and tea culture. To further that mission, we’ve gathered together some tea industry experts to speak on several tea topics. You don’t have to be a devoted tea drinker either to have a good time with us. Even if you are just tea-curious, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy during this fest!


Please Join Us in Welcoming the Following Vendors/Speakers:

Amanda Vermillion – The Tea MistressThe Tea Mistress

  • The Tea Mistress, LLC combines Amanda’s passion for, and knowledge of, teas and tisanes with her extensive event-planning experience. Amanda founded the Tea and Conversation with Friends Meetup Group in Houston, Texas.

Kay Bell – Cadae Tea and Passion Garden Tea

  • Kay Bell is the founder and owner of Cadae Tea in Waco, Texas. Kay started Cadae (Earth Goddess) Tea in 2010 with just one lot and a card table at the local farmer’s market.  Now Cadae Tea’s farming operation has grown to several lots and has extended its retail business to several farmer’s markets, a local health store (Drug Emporium) and Farm to School.