Tlap Agreement

B. Progress Reports. If TLAP accepts a referral under Rule 33.07(A) leading to a recommendation for a supervisory agreement with a disciplinary authority as the notifying party, TLAP shall submit progress reports or reports of material infringements. Notwithstanding rule 33.10, such reports may be used as evidence in any proceeding or complaint relating to such a transfer by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct, the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners or a disciplinary authority with disciplinary authority. 33.08 Local Assistance Programs for Lawyers with Disabilities Subject to the rule and authorization of the TLAP, any bar or other accredited body may establish a Disabled Lawyers Program to assist lawyers in the event of problems of drug abuse, mental illness or other disabilities that may affect the lawyer`s professional conduct. These programs are not agents of TLAP and do not have the power to retain TLAP through their actions. These approved programmes shall operate as follows: A. The Program is governed by a committee composed of at least five (5) members, one of whom is appointed President and one Vice-President. B. No member of the Disabled Lawyers Program may be a member of a district committee of the Tennessee Supreme Court Professional Liability Board. C. The Program may review and assess allegations of drug abuse or intellectual disabilities brought to the attention of the Program. If the investigation or assessment reveals that the lawyer does have a substance abuse or intellectual disability, the program may consult with the lawyer who is the subject of such a charge and make a recommendation to that lawyer.

Such a recommendation may contain sources of help for such problems. D. The program can create and facilitate groups and meetings of lawyers. E. The program only offers peer support and does not accept supervisory transfers as a trial or precondition condition imposed on a lawyer by a court or disciplinary authority. The program aims to refer lawyers who need supervision to TLAP. However, any supervision contract entered into before the date of entry into force of this amendment by a local program of disabled lawyers may be maintained until the end of the term of the contract. F.

The program maintains statistics on the number of recommendations it receives. These statistics are provided in writing to the Director of the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program no later than July 31 of each calendar year. 33.09 Revolving Loan Fund A. On funds received in accordance with Rule 33.01(c)(2), TLAP may establish a revolving loan fund. This fund shall be made available to lawyers and judges assigned as a reduced-rate loan, in accordance with the rules and rules established by the Commission, either for the maintenance of clients` obligations or to cover processing costs. . . .