Spanish Coalition Agreement

“As I said on election night, after hearing the results, what was a historic occasion in April has become a historic necessity,” said the leader of Unidas Podemos, who will be deputy prime minister if the deal were to take place. “I am pleased to announce today, together with Pedro Sánchez, that we have reached a preliminary agreement on the establishment of a progressive coalition government that combines the experience of the PSOE and the courage of Unidas Podemos.” The ERC voted last November to support a new Spanish coalition government in exchange for talks on independence. Sánchez has been fighting to form a government since November`s general elections severely fragmented Spain`s political landscape. His Socialist Party agreed on a provisional coalition pact with Podemos, but with both not having enough seats to form a majority, he had hoped to convince the pro-independence Catalan Republican Left (ERC) to abstain in the parliamentary vote on his coalition. The deal marks the end of Spain`s political stalemate, as the party`s two leaders had long and unsuccessful negotiations after the April elections. But this left-wing radicalism is not visible anywhere.