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Financial markets often seem much smarter than the wonks they observe: on the same day that Donald Trump`s US and Chinese trade agents signed Donald Trump`s “Phase One” deal with a lot of outcry in the White House, stock traders around the world only shrugged their shoulders. Trump`s remedy amounts to little more than blatant disregard for multilateral agreements and global institutional frameworks such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). He wants to direct and dictate the trade conditions for which unilateral sanctions against those who disagree have become his weapon of choice. Instead, the celebrated trade deal, signed on Wednesday, only pulls out all the problems it wanted to solve in broad daylight. Translation takes longer than usual. Wait or click here to open the translation in a new window. Do you have comments on our online dictionaries? In Asia, stock markets got somewhat lost, while in Frankfurt, the German DAX blue chip index rose a negligible 0.1% – the relief from the long-awaited end of the TRADE WAR BETWEEN THE US and China is certainly different. In fact, the world in general, as well as China and the United States in particular, are far from out of the question when it comes to trade. The US president is certainly not in the mood to let go of his unpredictable behavior and Chinese leaders always seem anxious to keep all the aces up their sleeves. After all, their priority is to defend China`s political and economic system, which aspires to dominance in the new digital world. There is no better way to reformulate Trump`s Phase One deal than by saying German economist Gabriel Felbermayr: “This is bilateral nonsense in a multilateral world.” And the head of The European Chambers of Commerce in China, Jörg Wuttke, sadly added that the pact would pave the way for “managed trade” between the world`s largest economies. Is there no translation, did you notice an error or do you just want to congratulate us? Please fill out the return form.

The provision of the e-mail address is optional and, in accordance with our data protection, serves only to respond to your request. But this comes benefits for all countries that have respected and respected WTO rules. Economists have calculated that the WTO`s 180 member countries have been able, through the trade organization`s regulatory efforts, to earn their savings a total of $855 billion a year. On average, 4.51% of the growth in these countries came from trade regulated by the organization. Search results: 580. . . .