5 9 And 14 Eyes Agreement

For many people, the main reason for using a VPN is to avoid being monitored while they are online. So it`s obvious that you should avoid using a VPN service based on one of these alliances, especially the 5 Eyes Countries, or having some of its servers in one or more of the Member Countries. Such a provider could be forced by the government to provide information about its customers` online activities without you ever knowing. In return, the information can easily find its way into each of the other countries in the intelligence information exchange agreement. With the development of the ECHELON system and the exchange of data between the five eyes countries, it became clear that mass surveillance would become a matter of course worldwide. Even today, communication between national officials, even citizens, is intercepted and widely shared with the other 5 countries of the Eyes. As a result of the agreement, the level of oversight has only increased over the years. The history of this alliance dates back to the Second World War and the UKUSA agreement, which officially came into force after the 1946 war. This agreement formalized a partnership between the United Kingdom and the United States for the collection and dissemination of information. The partnership continued throughout the Cold War and has only intensified since the beginning of the “global war on terror” in the early 2000s. The 5 Eyes alliance is the basis for an extensive network of partnerships between SIGINT agencies in Western countries to share information. In almost every attention, the NSA is the global leader in SIGINT, which is why most SIGINT agreements, whether multilateral as well as 5 eyes or bilateral, focus on those who have access to NSA data and technologies. Signatories to the UKUSA agreement are called “second parties” and have the greatest access to NSA data and the closest links with the Authority.

Other Western nations, such as members of NATO or South Korea, are “third parties.” These third-party agreements are formal bilateral agreements between the NSA and the national agency SIGINT. Third parties can continue to exchange raw data with the NSA, but have less access to its database. Trust.Zone has its headquarters outside the jurisdiction of 14-eyes Alliance in Seychelles. Users praise Trust.Zone`s speed and ability to access popular streaming sites. The 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes countries form a gigantic Western alliance that exchanges sensitive information and uses mass surveillance. It has become an almost global spy network. Alliance agreements allow these countries to circumvent their national data protection laws while having more information than they need. So if you live in one of the 14 Countries of the Eyes, your government could share information with government authorities in the other 13 parts. Therefore, using a VPN to improve your online privacy may not be a bad idea. A good VPN ensures that no agency can intercept your internet traffic. You may think you have nothing to hide, but with so many eyes looking who knows what they might see and what they might be using your information for.

This agreement included elements such as the exchange of personnel between their respective intelligence services and rules on the dissemination and use of sensitive information. . . .