Wedding Celebrant Service Agreement

If the client chooses or has to postpone his wedding date because of Covid-19, the celebrant will work with the client to find another appropriate date and the original booking fee will be deferred to the new date. However, if no common date is reached, the celebrant reserves the right to retain the non-refundable booking fee. All work performed by the celebrant would be transferred to the surrogate Christmas (NOIM, planning notes, etc.). Customers agree to: – Pay the celebrant`s fee according to the invoice, i.e. a non-refundable booking fee. Balance of fees in clear funds by direct deposit into the bank account designated by the celebrant, no less than 4 weeks before the date of the wedding – If the full payment to the celebrant has not been made under these conditions, the celebrant will not participate in the ceremony. all original documents must also be identified by the alternate notary prior to the ceremony. , time or place of wedding $suppl. As soon as the full payment has been made, no refund will be made, except in extreme circumstances. , he reserves the right. Guests will contact the celebrant to agree on a later date and place where the celebrant will celebrate the wedding for an additional fee to be paid in advance.

Customers agree to pay an additional $50 for every 30 minutes of delay. The care of the children participating in the ceremony is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the children concerned. The behaviour of adult clients is the client`s responsibility.