Caat Sponsorship And Trust Agreement

If you would like to represent an interested employer or member group and discuss membership with us, Contact: Marnie Niemi Hood, Vice President, Pension Solutions Tel: 647.837.3360 Email: Sue is also currently Chair of the Board of One-T, a Life and Health Fund (ELHT) in Ontario`s education sector, which serves approximately 15,000 members. CAAT did not begin with a bicameral governance system. The plan was put in place in 1967 by the Board of Governors of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. In 1994, governance changes were introduced to gain greater control over decisions on the direction of the plan and its investments. At that time, the governance plan was extended to representatives of the Ontario College Administrative Staff Association (OCASA) and to academic and support representatives of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). These Ontario groups and colleges signed a sponsorship and trust agreement that came into effect in 1995. Since then, the plan has been managed by the Independent Pension Board and co-trustee under a bicameral system. TORONTO-BUSINESS WIRE-Postmedia Network Canada Corp. announced today that its subsidiary Postmedia Network Inc. (“Postmedia” or “the company”) has entered into an agreement with the Colleges of Applied Arts – Technology Pension Plan (the “CAAT Plan”) to merge Postmedia`s six defined benefit retirement plans with a fortune of more than $500 million (the “postmedia plans”) with the CAAT plan (the effective date) effective July 1, 2019. Alex is a retired trustee in the Steelworkers pension plan with several employers and president of the Canadian Energy and Related Industries Pension Plan (CERi). In addition, he is the agent of a major health and wellness plan for several employers and in various committees of the Financial Services Authority, including the Technical Advisory Committee on Asset Transfers, the Stakeholders Advisory Group and the Multi-Employer Pension Plan Committee. Toll-free: 1,866.350.2228 Toronto Domain: 416.673.9000 Email: Common Challenges Common Challenges The keys to success for CAAT`s governance model are open communication and trust, says Dobson.

“There are efforts to understand each other`s point of view. Leanne has represented only professionals, both in private practice and in her own home, and has experience in supporting jointly sponsored retirement plans in the public sector and health funds in the construction sector. She was involved in the conversion of a defined benefit pension plan to a joint sponsored pension plan in the health sector, including the development of the trust contract. She also represented workers who had moved to a Nova Scotia public sector individual employer plan that was being developed.