Bedford Nh School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

New collective agreements were approved last night by voters for NEA-NH-affiliated associations throughout the Monadnock region. Members` efforts to reach voters on the importance of helping public education have led to new CBAs for: Jaffrey-Rindge Education Association Mascenic Education Association Keene Education Association Winchester Teachers Association Monadnock District Education Association Monadnock Education Support Staff Association ConVal Education Association Hinsdale Votes this Saturday “The agreement reflects a long-standing commitment between the two parties to achieve excellence in education in Bedford schools” , according to the school`s management in an opinion. At municipal assemblies and elections, NEA-affiliated associations in the eastern region had nine agreements ratified by voters. Barrington Education Association Freedom Education Association Gov Wentworth Education Association Gov Wentworth Support Staff Association Northwood Educational Support Staff Nottingham Paraprofessionals Education Association in Rollinsford Association Tamworth Educational Support Professional Wakefield Paraprofessionals Union NEA-NH applauds the vote of the House of Representatives today, UM transfer HB564 to the Senate to help make new Hampshire schools safer places for our children. “Guns have no place in safe school areas. Period ,” said Megan Tuttle, president of NEA-New Hampshire.¬†Safe schools are not an option – it is the least we can do to keep our students safe.¬†“Our first priority as a teacher is to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. We all have a common responsibility to create and manage safe schools and communities. Members of the House of Representatives A contribution to the Apple Corps NEA-NH Fund supports candidates who support public education, the rights of collective agreements and ensuring that every child in the NH receives a quality education. Anne Koellmer, president of the educational association, said: “We have reached an agreement that benefits all parties. The members of the negotiation were respectful, professional and fully aware that Bedford students had to be at the centre of all decisions. We recognize that if we have great teachers, it is to be competitive with salaries and benefits. NeA NH-affiliated associations in the south-central region had three contracts on the ballot. All three succeeded.

Candia Educational Support Professional Association Derry Education Association Londonderry Education Association The City of Raymond voted three to one against exploring the possibility of closing its high school and students and teaches at Pinkerton Academy. The Raymond Education Association, parents and community members opposed the proposal. By Cindy Long Amber McCoy, a grade 4 teacher at Kellogg Elementary in Huntington, West Virginia, has 16 years of experience under her belt, but still earns only $44,000 a year. He also has about $40,000 in student loans to pay for them. McCoy worked as a tutor, pet caretaker and Amazon customer service employee to get by. In February 2018, she decided to have enough and joined thousands of her state-fed colleagues to launch a nine-day work stoppage. “[It] was our last resort, but it “wage investments recognize the commitment of the association`s members and enhance Bedford`s competitiveness in recruiting and engaging the best teaching talent in New Hampshire,” the board added. NEA-NH units in the Seacoast region also cleared very well in the polls.