Auda Registrar Agreement

10.1 We make sure that you can easily transfer your domain name registration to another registrar in accordance with published guidelines. The published guidelines cover the following topics: 3.7 If you have questions about the application form, the Chancellor`s agreement or the accreditation procedure in general, please contact the Registrar Liaison and Policy Officer of auDA by email. 1.3 auDA will not enter into more than one registrar agreement with the same organization. If an applicant is an associate institution of an ID accredited registrar, we will review the application for himself. 11.3 You accept and conscientious that auDA may, at your discretion, terminate the Registrar`s contract at your discretion if we have unpaid fees as a result of auDA that give the ADA the right to terminate our registrar contract with auDA. Information about auDA`s whois policy can be found at: 2.1 auDA will take into account a registrar who has designated a person as a reseller under the terms of the registration agreement if any of the following provisions apply: 6.4 We will announce that you are an accredited ID registrar and will publish your name and details of your website on the IDA Accredited Registrars website. If you wish to postpone the announcement of your accreditation, you must notify the AD by email. (c) it is reasonable for the Registrar to conclude, in all circumstances and in light of the transactions between the Registrar and that person, that that person is the domain name service reseller and not just a registrant or agent for a particular filer, whether or not the Registrar makes a formal order for that person as a reseller. B.11 Please list all of your affiliates that have AD Registrar accreditation.

(c) You have the right to transfer your domain name registration to another registrar and we will facilitate this transfer for you in accordance with our obligations in accordance with guidelines issued by auDA (see 2.2 when a registrar appoints a dealer (known as “First Tier Dealer”), who has designated, or proposes to appoint its own dealers (who may in turn have their own dealers) (known as the “subsequent pet dealer”) to sell domain name services or provide services to filers, and then, subject to paragraph 2.4 below, auDA will consider both the first pet dealer as well as all subsequent animal dealers as resellers of the filer within the meaning of the Registrar`s agreement. The 2019 .au Summit was a very productive and entertaining event with valuable ideas and discoveries from the, registraren captured with the help of Leah and Sunil. Afilias Australia warmly thanks all participants, especially thanking the AD for their support of the event. We are pleased to inform you that feedback on the 2019 summit has been largely positive and we look forward to starting to implement the ideas gathered. 2.2 To apply to auDA for accreditation, you must have at least 6 months of continuous experience as a licensed dealer of an accredited IDA registrar. auDA may, at its sole discretion, agree to waive this requirement if you are able to demonstrate an alternative and equivalent level of experience. 13.2 All previous agreements, statements, statements and commitments that have an explicit or implied impact on the purpose of this document are replaced by this document and have no effect 5.3. AuDA may change the accreditation criteria and/or the Registrar`s process from time to time.