Amazon Advantage Membership Agreement

Here`s a major drawback of Amazon`s photos: if you`ve used this service and decide to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you may start losing some of these stored photos, in accordance with Amazon`s service contract. “If you exceed the storage limit of your service plan, such as downgrading or re-evaluating your service plan, or if you no longer have an additional benefit,” we may remove or restrict access to your files. We may impose further restrictions on the use of the service.┬áThe Premium contribution is non-refundable, unless these conditions expressly state it. You can join Prime on the free trial version only to enjoy the benefits of Prime Day offers. Or you can join for one or two months (one free, one paid) during the holiday shopping season to enjoy the benefits of the offers. 3.7. No transfer or transfer of affiliations or benefits We may immediately report your Amazon Prime subscription if we believe that your use of the Prime Service is contrary to these conditions or applicable legislation or (b) you are fraudulently using or abusing the Premier Service. In that case, we won`t refund you. We inform you of the termination of your Amazon Prime subscription and your right to appeal. Amazon Prime is an affiliate program that offers several benefits and services to its members, as stated under these conditions (together “Prime Service”). If you register directly through us for an Amazon Prime subscription, please specifically request that we provide the Prime service as part of your 14-day withdrawal period. I lost my OTP number.

Please, how do I replace the OTP because amazon uk benefit has not been able to help me. Any direct phone number for the benefit team, please? Early in Prime`s life, the big benefit with annual dues was free shipping of two days (then one day, and now in some areas, on the same day). In retail, this was a rare advantage. Right now? Not that much. If you sign up through us for your Prime subscription, we are charged by us and you do not inform us until the next due date of your contribution that you wish to terminate your membership on that date or cancel your subscription to your Amazon customer account, we will automatically charge the periodic fee in effect with your preferred payment method. We may, at our discretion, terminate your Prime subscription without notice. If we do, we will give you a refund based on the number of full months that remain in your membership. However, we will not grant a refund for any termination of conduct that, at our discretion, violates these conditions or applicable legislation, involves fraud or abuse of Prime membership, or harms our interests or any other user.

Our inability to insist on your strict adherence to these conditions or to enforce them does not constitute a waiver of our rights. With Amazon Advantage, despite the agreement with Amazon, the performer remains relatively independent and frees itself from troublesome obstacles and intermediaries by going directly to the marketing of its own products. And Amazon is not exclusive, but allows the user to sell his titles both on Amazon and on other channels. At the beginning of the collaboration with Amazon or with low notoriety, sales are generally lower, with weekly deliveries to Amazon could completely ruin the margin due to constant shipping costs. And when you know how easy it is to use the Amazon platform, you can imagine that the crowd will soon.